Center drive ball mill – our “diplomatic talent”


Bailing Machinery has thoroughly implemented the policy of “bringing in, going out” and building every piece of equipment as a product for foreign exchange. Our Vietnamese customer came to the bailing machinery, negotiated with general manager Chen about the engineering project, visited the factory equipment, and finally selected the central drive ball mill as our "diplomatic talent" to go to Vietnam to fulfill its mission.

The central drive ball mill was able to win this award thanks to its precise structure and stable performance.

1. Using fluid coupling to improve mill starting performance

The central drive ball mill uses a fluid coupling to achieve a phased start of the mill. The pump wheel coupled with the motor in the coupling is transferred from the motor to the working oil, and the motor is started at no load. When the rotational speed reaches a certain value, the working oil impacts the turbine coupled with the load at a high speed to drive the load; When the working oil reduces the energy, it returns to the pump wheel to reabsorb the energy, so that the reciprocating cycle realizes the energy transfer between the pump wheel (active) and the turbine (driven). Since the above flexible connection is realized only by the working oil between the pump wheel and the turbine, the torsional vibration and the impact can be isolated to make the load start smoothly. The coupling is equipped with a fusible plug, and the temperature of the working oil is increased due to overload and other faults of the grinder, and the fusible plug is melted, thereby protecting the coupling and the grinding machine.

The peripherally driven ball mill that is directly started has a higher installed power than the actual running power, resulting in wasted energy. The central transmission ball mill uses a fluid coupling to reduce the installed power and achieve energy saving.

2. Using hard tooth surface gear reducer transmission

The central drive ball mill adopts gear reducer, which has large transmission ratio, compact structure, stable operation, low noise and easy maintenance. The transmission efficiency can reach 96%, which is 7.3% higher than that of conventional mill transmission, and the energy saving effect is good. The input and output shafts of the gear reducer are on the same axis or on the same parallel line, so the new mill is the center drive.​

3. The main bearing uses cylindrical roller bearing

The central transmission ball mill replaces the conventional babbitt alloy bearing with large double row self-aligning roller bearing. The bearing has long service life, good sealing performance, convenient disassembly and cleaning, and is equipped with manual dry oil station for regular refueling. The bearing is in good lubrication state, which is simpler and more reliable than the thin oil lubrication system of the sliding bearing. Since the selection of the bearing is a large-sized bearing selected from the technical point of view, its bearing capacity is much higher than the load at the full load of the mill. Therefore, the service life of the bearing is normally higher than the service life of the mill.

In addition, the central drive ball mill reduces the frictional resistance and the static resistance torque due to the use of cylindrical roller bearings. At the same time, the use of the fluid coupling and the gear reducer reduces the power of the equipped motor by 10.7%--40.5% compared with the conventional mill , the energy saving effect is remarkable.

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