Authentic accessories

Bailing machinery mainly supplies standard genuine accessories such as drying equipment, crushing equipment, grinding equipment and dust collection equipment. Many parts are made of standard 65Mn, Mn13, high manganese steel and other materials. The processing technology is cast by V method.

Dust collector equipment

  • 除尘滤袋

    Filter bag

  • 文氏管

    Venturi Tube

  • Dust cap

  • 电磁脉冲阀膜片

    Electromagnetic Pulse Valve Diaphragm

  • 卡箍


  • 脉冲控制仪

    Pulse Controller

  • 除尘器控制柜

    Control cabinet

Drying equipment

  • Dryer Tray

  • Dryer Retaining Wheel

  • Dryer Gear Accessories

  • Roller bearing

Grinding equipment

  • 球磨机齿轮


  • 球磨机衬板

    Ball Mill Liner

  • 球磨机齿轮

    Ball Mill Gear

  • Ball mill grate

Crushing equipment

  • 鄂板

    Jaw plate

  • 破碎机转子

    Crusher Rotor

  • 鄂式破碎机

    Counter weight flywheel

  • 破碎壁

    Broken Wall

  • 大金牙破碎机锤头

    Big Gold Tooth Crusher Hammer

Beneficiation equipment

  • 浮选机叶轮盖板

    Flotation Machine Impeller Cover

  • Vibrating Screen

  • Flotation Machine Impeller

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