Four-Roller Crusher

The four-roller crusher is a new type of product based on the roller crusher and the double-tooth roller crusher. It includes the advantages of two types of equipment: roller crusher and teeth roller crusher. It is suitable for compressive strength less than 200Mpa and humidity less than 30% of the hard and medium hard materials of the fine crushing operation, the finished product size is generally 100 mesh to 5 mm.

⌈ Feeding size ⌋:≤90 mm

⌈ Production capacity ⌋:2-500 t/h

⌈ Application range ⌋:The mining industry produces quartz powder and fine iron powder; the ceramic industry crushes feldspar powder; the thermal power plant manufactures stone powder desulfurization; the cement factory manufactures fine powder and coal powder; and the building material factory manufactures gypsum powder.

⌈ Applicable material ⌋:Solid materials such as coke, coal, ceramic raw materials, quartz stone, limestone, feldspar, water slag, gypsum, clay, salt, chemical raw materials.

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Outstanding advantages

  • Automatic transfer device, insurance safety

    The crushing roller of the four-roller crusher is equipped with a mechanical or hydraulic automatic retracting buffer device, which can effectively prevent the damage of the non-crushing material to the toothed roller, not only protect the work roll, but also adjust the gap of the work roll, to compensate for the wear of the roll skin.

  • Original power motor, energy efficient

    The original power motor of the four-roller crusher is 60% of other crusher power motors, with large crushing ratio and low noise. In terms of energy saving, compared with domestic similar products, it can save more than 300,000 yuan in energy consumption a year.

  • Standardized structure,Self-regulation

    The construction of each type of four-roller crusher is standardized, and its construction and length can be adjusted to the required productivity. The number of ring gears on each roller, the number of roller teeth on the ring gear, the spacing between the two shafts, and the assembly structure can also be adjusted to suit the needs of different particle sizes.

Equipment composition

The four-roller crusher mainly consists of the frame, roller, safety adjustment device, transmission device and other components.

Working principle

The four-roller crusher utilizes four high-strength wear-resistant alloy crushing rolls to crush the material with high extrusion force and shear force generated by relative rotation. After the material enters the upper two rolls of the V-shaped crushing chamber, it is subjected to the pressing force of the relative rotation of the upper two rolls. For the first time, the material is squeezed and bitten (rough broken), and then enters the relatively rotating lower two rolls for secondary extrusion. After rolling, shearing and biting (fine crushing), the material broken into the required particle size is discharged from the discharge opening.

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Technical Parameters

Model Feeding size(mm) Discharging size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Motor power(heavy)(kw) Protection method Transmission
4PG0404PT < 20 0.1-10 2-30 7.5(11) 11(15) spring Coupling
triangle belt
4PG0605PT < 40 0.1-15 5-60 22(30) 30(37)
4PG0806PT < 40 0.1-20 8-90 30(37) 37(45)
4PG0809PT(Y) < 60 0.1-20 12-120 37(45) 45(55) spring or hydraulic
4PG0812PT(Y) < 60 0.1-20 20-180 45(55) 55(75)
4PG1012PT(Y) < 80 0.1-30 30-220 55(75) 75(90)
4PG1212PT(Y) < 90 0.1-40 45-320 75(90) 90(110)
4PG1216PT(Y) < 90 0.1-50 55-400 90(110) 110(132)
4PG1218PT(Y) < 90 0.1-50 70-500 110(132) 132(160)

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