three-cylinder dryer

Three-Cylinder Dryer

The Bailing three-cylinder dryer has a compact structure and reasonable layout, and improves the heat exchange rate between materials and heat. The material entering the dryer is preferably a non-stick wall and a lifting plate. The temperature of the gas entering the heat exchange in the dryer should not be higher than 750 °C. If there is special requirement for high temperature drying, the inner tube inlet of the dryer and the lifting plate can be made of heat-resistant steel.

⌈ Feed moisture ⌋:≤50%

⌈ Production capacity ⌋:1.9-115 t/h

⌈ Applicable material ⌋:It is mainly used for drying granular materials in a certain humidity and particle size range such as yellow sand, cement slag, clay, coal gangue, mixture, quartz sand, gypsum and iron powder. According to the requirements of different industries for the final moisture content of the dried materials, the moisture content of the dried materials can reach 1 to 0.5%.

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Outstanding advantages

  • Good raw materials

    Domestic high quality raw materials are used on key components, and the motors are made by famous domestic manufacturers.

  • High environmental protection

    The multi-stage dust removal method is adopted, and the exhaust gas is cleanly discharged, which fully meets the requirements of national environmental protection standards.

  • Low energy consumption

    Reasonable operating parameters are selected for the dryer in our factory. The coal consumption and electricity consumption are reduced by 20-30% compared with the general dryer.

  • Less wearing parts

    Both the idler and the ring gear are modern heat treatment processes with a replacement cycle of 5000 hours.

  • Full automation

    The whole production process only needs one person to supervise, and the finished products are packaged and stored directly.

  • High production capacity

    The output increased by more than 20%, which has been widely used in cement and mineral processing enterprises.

Equipment composition

The three-cylinder dryer is composed of spring plate, roller ring, bearing seat, motor, transmission, universal joint coupling, roller wheel, outer tube drying chamber, middle tube drying chamber, inner tube drying chamber, middle sprinkler, discharge port and other components. When the machine is working, the material and the hot air flow are sequentially from the inner to the outer cylinder. After the Z-shaped reciprocating baffle of the machine body, the heat is fully utilized to dry the material and then discharged.

In the engineering application, Bailing three-cylinder dryer should be combined with other equipment to form a drying system. Different materials are different in configuration equipment. Our common drying system is equipped with gas generator, combustion chamber or supporting hoist, belt conveyor, dosing machine, dust collector and induced draft fan.

Working principle

The material enters the inner layer of the rotary drum of the three-cylinder dryer by the feeding device, and realizes the downstream drying. The material is continuously copied and scattered under the inner layer of the plate, and the heat is exchanged by spiral traveling, and the material moves to the inner layer. The other end enters the middle layer and is subjected to countercurrent drying. The material is continuously advanced in the middle layer and is carried out in a two-step step. The material in the middle layer fully absorbs the heat emitted by the inner roller and absorbs the heat of the middle roller. At the same time, the drying time is extended and the material is optimally dried.

Technical Parameters

Model Diameter(m) Length(m) Volume(m3) Speed(r/min) Power(kw) Highest inlet air temperature(℃) Weight(t) Slag(%) Yellow sand(%) Capacity(t/h)
Input moisture(%) output moisture(%) Input moisture(%) output moisture(%) Yellow sand Slag
Φ1.5×3 1.5 3 5.3 8-10 3×2 700-750 6.0 15-18 2 8-10 0.5-1 4.5-7.5 2.6-4.0
Φ2.0×4 2.0 4 12.6 8-10 5.5×2 700-750 7.4 15-18 2 8-10 0.5-1 10.6-17.8 6.2-9.5
Φ2.5×5 2.5 5 24.5 8-10 7.5×2 700-750 15.3 15-18 2 8-10 0.5-1 20.6-34.7 12-18.4
Φ2.8×6 2.8 6 36.9 8-10 7.5×4 700-750 32 15-18 2 8-10 0.5-1 31.1-52.2 18.1-27.7
Φ3.2×8 3.2 8 64.3 8-10 15×4 700-750 43 15-18 2 8-10 0.5-1 54.1-91 31.6-48.3
Φ3.6×10 3.6 10 81.4 8-10 22×4 700-750 48 15-18 2 8-10 0.5-1 68.5-115 40-61.2

Note: the production capacity of different materials is different, please consult for more details: 0086-371-66888887

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