How to choose the right crushing equipment according to the mining materials?


As the basic material of engineering construction, sand aggregate is commonly used as cobblestone, granite, limestone, etc. The raw materials are different, and the required crushing equipment is also different.

In the process of processing, appropriate processing equipment should be selected according to different raw materials.

First of all, raw materials can be divided into two categories according to the hardness: hard stone and soft stone.

Hard stone: pebbles, granite, basalt, etc.

Hardness: 150Mpa or more

Treatment method: The crushing equipment usually adopts jaw crusher and cone crusher. It can be shaped according to the requirements of the finished product and then used by the impact crusher. Then, the auxiliary equipment vibrating screen is used for sorting, and the crushed materials are sorted into various materials. Specifications of finished aggregates.

Soft stone: limestone, sandstone, etc.

Hardness :below 150Mpa

Treatment method: The crushing equipment can be considered to use the jaw crusher. Even if the crusher or the heavy hammer crusher, the impact crusher can be used as needed. Important note: Limestone varies greatly in hardness depending on its silicon content. If limestone with high silicon content is used, a cone crusher is required for crushing.

There are many ways to select the sandstone aggregate processing equipment and process design. The specific requirements and choices need to be considered according to the hardness, looseness, mud content, finished product requirements and other factors of different raw materials. When Zhongde Heavy Industry allocates the plan to the customer, it will go to the site to configure the appropriate equipment according to the material conditions, so that you have no worries in the production process.

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