jaw crusher FAQ


1. The particle size after crushing is relatively coarse

Cause: The jaw plates is severely worn, Especially close to the discharge part.
Solution: Reduce the size of the ore discharge, or change the broken tooth plate by 180 degrees.

2. The card material, the rod spring is slack?

Cause: The feed size is large or the jaw plates is slack, and the tie rod or tie rod spring is damaged.
Solution: Strictly control the feed and replace the heavily worn parts in time.

3. The flywheel has a large swing

Cause: The coupling of the pulley and the eccentric shaft is loose or damaged.
Solution: Replace the relevant parts, especially the connectors.

4. Jaw crusher rolling bearing hot

Cause: The amount of lubricant is too small, which may be the reason for running too long.
Solution: Increase the corresponding amount of lubricant, replace the inferior lubricant, and strictly control the machine running time.

5. The machine host does not work

Cause: The motor burned out or there was a problem with the line, or the belt pulley may be loose.
Solution: For the motor to be fully overhauled, tighten the pulley.

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