cement ball mill

Cement Ball Mill

Most of the cement ball mills are used in the circulating grinding system, which is characterized by high grinding efficiency, large mill output, and low power consumption. Especially when grinding slag cement, the performance is more outstanding, compared with the general mill. It can increase 15-20%, power consumption is reduced by about 10%, in addition, the finished product temperature can be lowered by 20-40 °C, and the product fineness is also easy to adjust.

⌈ Feeding size ⌋:≤25 mm

⌈ Production capacity ⌋:8-87 t/h

⌈ Application range ⌋:It is mainly used in the grinding of finished products and raw materials in cement plants. It is also suitable for industrial and mining enterprises such as metallurgy, chemical industry and electric power to grind various ores and other grindable materials.

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Outstanding advantages

  • Feeding unit has a large amount of feed

    A reasonable feed port design increases the amount of feed.

  • High grinding efficiency and good quality of lining

    The lining plate and the grinding body are made of alumina ceramics, quartz, special materials, and the hard minerals are designed with no iron pollution, which reduces the breakage rate and improves the grinding efficiency.

  • Use a closed system to reduce dust

    The ultra-fine ball mill and classifier form a closed system, which is transported under negative pressure without dust and reduces damage to the human body.

Equipment composition

Cement ball mill mainly consists of feed port, bearing outer gland, bearing, bearing gland, bearing inner gland, feed grinding head, slate, small lining, large lining, cylinder, flower board, big gear, out The material is composed of a material inlet, a bearing base, a grinding end grinding head and a bracket.

The hollow shaft is made of cast steel, the inner lining can be replaced, the rotary large gear is processed by casting hobbing, and the barrel is embedded with wear-resistant lining, which has good wear resistance.



Working principle

The main working part of the ball mill grinding material occurs on the horizontal low-speed rotating cylinder. When the cylinder is driven to rotate by the transmission device, the grinding body is attached to the lining surface of the inner wall of the grinding machine barrel due to the inertia centrifugal force. After being rotated together, after being brought to a certain height, it is free to fall by gravity. At this time, the grinding body crushes the material in the cylinder, and at the same time, the grinding body has a rising and falling circular motion in the rotating mill, and also generates Sliding and rolling, causing grinding between the abrasive body, the lining and the material to be ground to make the material fine. While the material is subjected to impact crushing and grinding and grinding, the height of the material surface of the material feeding end and the discharging end is slow, so that the material flows slowly from the feeding end to the discharging end to complete the grinding operation.

Technical Parameters

Model Capacity(t/h) Mill form Transmission form Power(kw) Weight (t) Remarks
Φ2.2×7.0m 8—9 open flow edge 380 54
Φ2.2×7.5m 10—11 open flow edge 380 63
Φ2.2×8.0m 10—12 open flow edge 380 65
Φ2.2×9.5m 14-16 open flow edge 475 70
Φ2.4×10m 19-20 open flow edge 630 94.5 Excluding motor
Φ2.4×11m 19-21 open flow edge 630 99.2 Excluding motor
Φ2.4×13m 21-23 open flow edge 800 115.2 Excluding motor
Φ2.6×13m 28-32 open flow edge 1000 148
Φ2.6×13m 28-32 open flow center 1000 101.73
Φ3.0×12m 32-35 open flow edge 1250 168.6
Φ3.0×13m 34-37 open flow edge 1400 172.26
Φ3.2×13m 45-50 open flow edge 1600 196.26
Φ3.8×13m 60-62 open flow center 2500 204
Φ4.2×13m 85-87 open flow center 3530 254

Note: the production capacity of different materials is different, please consult for more details: 0086-371-66888887

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