Tower mill

Tower Mill

Tower mill is a vertical cylindrical vertical ball mill, which is suitable for fine grinding or superfine grinding of ore. Because of its low consumption of grinding medium and high grinding efficiency, the application range is wider and wider. The tower mill relies on internal classification to treat the ore to a fineness of 74-1 μm and can also be adjusted independently according to the particle size requirements.

⌈ Feeding size ⌋:≤6 mm

⌈ Production capacity ⌋:10-195 t/h

⌈ Applicable material ⌋:Industrial and mining enterprises such as talc, silica, barite, limestone, pure iron sand, quartz stone, iron ore, etc. grind various ores and other grindable materials.

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Outstanding advantages

  • Strong squeezing force, internal grading

    As an efficient pulverizing equipment, the tower mill relies on the strong extrusion, grinding and internal grading of the mineral material to greatly reduce the system power.

  • Energy saving of more than 50%

    As a kind of agitating mill, the tower mill is smaller than the horizontal ball mill. Its main machine size is slightly larger than that of other mixer mills (so the running speed is low), but the auxiliary equipment is reduced, and the energy saving is more than 50%.

  • Low noise, low vibration, low heat

    The tower mill pulverizes the medium in an orderly motion, which reduces the ineffective collision and reduces the inefficient power consumption, thereby reducing noise, vibration, and heat, and does not require a cooling device.

Equipment composition

The tower mill is mainly composed of a driving device, a tower body, a spiral agitator, a grinding medium in the tower, a classification device, a protective lining and the like.

The tower mill body is a welded cylinder body, and the inner wall is provided with a protective lining; the cylinder body is provided with a door capable of installing the whole stirring screw, which is convenient for maintenance of the stirring screw and replacement of the stirring medium. The agitating screw is generally composed of a spiral body, an anti-friction lining on the spiral body and a bottom spiral blade; some agitating spirals may also be integrally formed with a wear-resistant material or welded to the spiral body. The driving device includes an electric motor, a reducer, a stirring screw support system, etc.; the tower mill having special requirements further includes an auxiliary starting system and the like.

Working principle

The barrel of the tower mill is equipped with a blade type stirring device and a ball medium (ceramic ball, glass ball, steel ball, etc.). The stirring device rotates at a low speed to slowly raise the ball medium. When the ball medium rises to the highest position, it collapses from the gap between the cylinder and the spiral, thereby moving downward. After descending to the lower part, it is again lifted by the spiral, and the cycle is cyclically moved. The ball medium is still rotating while moving up and down. The material is ground under the action of strong ball medium pressure, grinding force and shearing force.

1、During the operation of the low-speed rotating agitating screw, due to the action of centrifugal force, gravity and friction, the pulverizing medium and the material realize an orderly manner of the motion cycle and the macroscopic basic force balance, and the spiraling rise is less than the lifting speed in the stirring screw. , the spiral between the inner lining and the outer edge of the spiral. However, microscopically, due to the unevenness of the force, dynamic speed difference and force change are formed, which causes the material to be strongly squeezed, ground, and the force is broken, micro-sheared, mashed, etc. . The transportation of qualified materials is carried out as the conveying medium rises and is internally graded and then overflows from the upper part of the tower mill body.

2、The degree of solidity between the pulverizing medium and the material is high, and the collision between the ball and the ball, the ball and the tower mill lining and the stirring spiral is small; the balance of the entire rotating part is macroscopically stressed, so that the supporting system is stressed little, the energy consumption of the bearing is also small; the material that meets the standard is always easier to reach the discharge opening than the material that does not meet the standard.. The working principle of the tower mill belongs to the mixing mill category, because the tower mill has a lower stirring speed than other mixing mills and there is no relative movement of the mechanical parts in the tower mill, and the stirring medium is in an orderly rolling, the tower mill has a wider range of uses.

Technical Parameters

Model Balls weight(t) Feeding size(mm) Output size(mm) Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(t)
BLTM-200 9.9 ≤6 0.037-0.074 10-25 160 17.5
BLTM-300 21 ≤6 0.037-0.074 17-33 245 28.9
BLTM-500 49.9 ≤6 0.037-0.074 35-65 380 51.4
BLTM-800 79.2 ≤6 0.037-0.074 52-98 630 65.1
BLTM-1000 97 ≤6 0.037-0.074 70-130 800 75.1
BLTM-1500 159.3 ≤6 0.037-0.074 105-195 1250 97.2

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